Our Vision


Water is fundamental.

Everyone deserves equal access to clean drinking water as a fundamental human right to achieve good health, dignity, and prosperity. Children living in impoverished communities globally are disproportionately affected by numerous debilitating diseases caused by unsafe drinking water.

Over 200 million people worldwide rely on fluoride-contaminated groundwater as their primary drinking water source. As a result, they are at risk of developing detrimental health affects such as irreversible crippling skeletal fluorosis, mottled enamel, and anemia. Existing defluoridation technologies have proven to be cost-prohibitive and complex to operate and maintain in resource-constrained settings.

Global Water Labs is collaborating with established international mission-driven NGOs to pilot and commercialize the novel Scalable and Affordable Fluoride Removal (SAFR) process in low-income regions. We provide technical expertise to our field implementation partners with the aim of establishing effective material supply chains for water treatment and water quality testing.

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Katya Cherukumilli, PhD

Founder, Global Water Labs