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Effective Remediation of Groundwater Fluoride with Inexpensively Processed Indian Bauxite

(EnvironmeNTAl Science & Technology, 03/22/2018)

India represents one-third of the world’s fluorosis burden (i.e., 66 million people) and is the fifth global producer of bauxite ore, which has previously been identified as a potential resource for remediating fluoride-contaminated groundwater in impoverished communities. In this study, we use thermal activation and/or groundwater acidification to enhance fluoride adsorption by Indian bauxite obtained from Visakhapatnam, an area proximate to endemic fluorosis regions.

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Factors Governing the Performance of Bauxite for Fluoride Remediation of Groundwater

(EnvironmeNTAl Science & Technology, 01/20/2017)

Globally, 200 million people drink groundwater contaminated with fluoride concentrations exceeding the World Health Organization’s recommended level (1.5 ppm F-).  The results of this study suggest that minimally processed bauxite ore could be an inexpensive adsorbent media to remediate fluoride contaminated groundwater, with the potential to improve access to drinking water for millions living in resource constrained areas.